Report on the translocation of (New Zealand) North Island Robin available.

A copy of the report prepared by the Mainland Island Restoration Operation is available for download here.


Special Issue of Animal Conservation submission request

Jennifer Germano is putting together a special issue of Animal Conservation called "Moving towards greater success in translocations: recent advances from the herpetofauna".  So if you have reintroduction research involving herpetofauna you are interested in publishing.  The submission deadline is 1 November 2013 - authors are encouraged to

send a 400 word proposal to the editors (via prior to submission. 


IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines available

The final published version of the revised IUCN Reintroduction Guidelines is out.  See the following for a brief news story on the IUCN website and a link for downloading the guidelines... 

Micky Soorae (RSG Secretary) is in the process of preparing a press release for the new guidelines and would like to know if anyone has yet consulted the new guidelines for a re-introduction project or perhaps for development of local guidelines.  If so, please contact Micky directly at


Registration for AWMS conference now open

Registration for this year's AWMS conference is now open, and abstracts are due at the end of this month (see You're hopefully all aware by now that the main theme of this year's conference is "Advances in Reintroduction of Australasian Fauna 1993-2013".  We are also looking at publishing a book on this theme.  Let me know if you have any questions, but otherwise I'm looking forward to seeing your abstracts.


Doug Armstrong <>


Millerbird translocation protocols

Publication on Nihoa Millerbird (Acrocephalus familiaris kingi) Translocation Protocols now available on site.